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  • The Cover-Up

    [Verse 1]

    Do you remember how you look without your makeup on?
    or (meaning) how your heart felt before your break-up?
    …on life goes.
    The cover-up is worse than the crime.
    Why we all use artificial light when we shine so bright
    with the lights off?…
    run so fast with the Nikes off…
    throw away the keys, take the bikes off-road…
    and roll to places we never show
    take back everything we ever stole from ourselves and
    stowed up on the higher shelves, hiding from our higher selves,
    we’re wandering under wand-less spells,
    it dwells in a place so deep where we speak with
    no insecurities
    no impurities
    pure are these thoughts but they like dirty talk
    words doing the dutty-wine, heads-spinnin
    it’s fine.
    we’ll find level-headedness gets nowhere
    we’re all too busy not being beings to care
    so we won’t let it go to our heads
    let the head push it back down instead
    we’re sippin on the same Kool-Aid we’ve bled
    put on our best shoes just to be misled
    it seems everybody’s singin bout ‘get bread’
    but you don’t even see cuz of how it gets said
    we’re sleeping on ourselves–we are our own beds
    never live up to potential we were fed, we won’t let it go to our heads

    [Verse 2]

    I’m in a room full of people everybody’s looking down
    conversation is nowhere to be found…
    cuz everybody’s on their phone
    might as well have just stayed home
    why come out in public for what you could do alone?
    and it’s tv’s everywhere. what’s on we don’t care.
    just stand there and mindlessly stare
    buy a couple drinks to remind us we there
    in a couple weeks you’ll find us, we there
    back there–same spot–more Facebook friends
    but less to depend on if ever Facebook ends
    the topic that trends
    is changing every second
    wonder as we get connected, real connections are we wrecking
    are we stepping closer to each other or moving apart?
    seeing more light or making more dark?
    you my Ace, but I don’t know your number by heart
    I feel lonelier and dumber
    but my phone’s so smart
    with a lot of numbers in it
    most of em wouldn’t call
    pick me up from the airport
    or catch me if I fall

    so I guess that’s all
    I guess that’s all

    I won’t let it go to my head, let the head push it back down instead
    am I sippin on the same Kool-Aid I’ve bled
    puttin on my best shoes just to be misled

    and if everybody’s singing bout ‘get bread’
    will they listen to me when my words get said?
    or am I sleeping on myself?–maybe I’m my own bed
    will I live up to potential I was fed…will I let it go to my head?

  • Moonlight Revolution (lyrics)

    hard to put into words how I feel at this moment recognizin that me, myself is my only opponent
    silencing your heart is like silencing God and you should never do that even though at times it’s hard
    so here it is, moonlight revolution it’s a light in the dark it’s transformin this biz
    it’s a foundation, but it’s like levitation it’s no b*tches, it’s a queen’s celebration
    a fully-clothed sister, fully-raised middle finger to this bullsh*t system got some herbs, don’t twist ‘em
    get high offa this here come and raise your fist here
    no spittin, mics only get kissed here
    no bullsh*ttin life’s always a b*tch, yeah but we gon make it, aint we? though it seems dead lately
    it’s a beautiful struggle and hip-hop will never die
    i was rappin wit her yesterday, i looked her in the eye
    told her she should get up off her knees, quit the fellatio
    on that wild-ass, pimp-ass nigga called the radio
    she said that she be tryin but starts missin the money and besides,
    her own people look at her funny
    i told her “look, they own people, but we’re gonna be free”
    we field way more power than we think, so me,
    i’mma use it, run wit it, gun wit it, take my shots
    come wit it, straight freeform, no robots and no games
    we in control, our hands on the wheel
    ask Terrence How words got the power to heal
    you can tell our words ain’t strikin no deals
    so you ain’t gotta ask Aretha for somethin to feel
    you can feel it when the beat strikes
    you can plant your feet like
    you settin the pick or Dominique Dawes stick-
    ing the landing, meaning get comfortable what we handing to you feels like home
    take your shoes off, rest your dome
    it’s so grown, but it feels like rebirth
    it’s oh so fresh, but it’s still been reworked
    like been there, done that, got the t-shirt
    cut the sleeves off it and rocked it, stop it
    your doubts and your fears got no place here, we here to make a change, everyday’s a new year
    new aims do you hear us say it so clear
    ignore your negativity, your campaign smears we steer
    the spaceship straight up, 5th gear, we gon make it to the sun
    with or without you we come
    bearin all of the knowledge you can fit into your bag
    and if you wanna run wit us, best your feet don’t drag
    let’s go.

  • Slow Down

  • F.C.G.




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To avoid having to send the same messages over and over again, here are some responses to some questions that have been frequently asked recently: Can you direct and/or edit my video? I made the But Anyway video because I had a vision for the video and the quotes I received from video directors were way outside my budgetary constraints. Now because of how But Anyway turned out, I have decided to continue creating my own videos. However, I don't have the time to work on anyone else's. How do I book you for a show, a feature, or request an interview? ALL of these types of inquiries should be sent to this email address: booking@taricajune.net OR through the contact form on my website: http://taricajune.net . Please do not send them to any other email address or any other person. How do I submit a beat? Beats are being accepted at this email address: beatsubmissions@taricajune.net. If you would like a vocal track for the But Anyway remix, send your beat first and I will listen to it and will send you the vocal track for bpm matching/tweaking if I think it is a good fit. What is the best email address to reach you? The best address is still: get@taricajune.net. If you message me at my Facebook page it may take longer to get an answer because of volume. Do you have a manager? No. I am self-managed now and I have never had a manager before. However, I am not against the idea of being managed if it is the right fit. Who is on your team? Right now I am the only person on my team. If you can think outside the box (read: outside the industry) and you’re interested in joining my team feel free to send me your resume and/or details about your services. Serious business-related correspondence only please.  


Tarica 185  

SOC Mixtape

SOC_MixtapeCover(photo: Kelley R. Givens)

Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening (depending on your place on the globe). I am VERY happy and excited to finally share with you my new mixtape, Stream of Consciousness, Vol. 1.

This project is very personal and special to me, but I wont go into a long spiel about it. Please check out the new video for "GONE"...


The whole project is up at: http://www.taricajune.bandcamp.com. And for those that care about lyrics like I do, all of the lyrics are up on the bandcamp page as well (http://www.taricajune.bandcamp.com).

Peace Always.

-Tarica June


Shout out to @MadiDangerously for the photo from the show at Exit Room in Brooklyn, NY. If you were there, it was lovely to see you! Stay tuned ...............................................................    


Tarica June





I know it's been a minute. I took July to focus on recording. But now I'm back to performing and I hope you will come check out one (or all) of these upcoming performances that I'm doing:

Wednesday August 14th - Sweet and Natural, 4009 34th Street Mt. Rainier MD, 20712

Tuesday August 20th - Busboys & Poets, 2121 14th Street NW, Washington, DC

Wednesday August 21st - 'What's to Come' Showcase', Howard University, NW Washington, DC (exact location will be updated--stay tuned for details)

Hope to see you!! Please check my twitter feed for the most current updates!


The S.A.M.I. Conference

Peace Everybody, The Students Against Mass Incarceration Conference at Howard University went really well. Thank you to all of you who spoke to me after my performance.

Of course the best part of the day was meeting M1 from Dead Prez for the first time. I have loved Dead Prez's music since they first came out (dang, I guess that's been over 10 years). It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop changed my life. Songs like 'They Schools' and 'Be Healthy' really spoke to my spirit. So being face-to-face with M1 and having him say that he was inspired by my music and my performance really made me feel wonderful.

I also was able to see the phenomenal Jasiri X again. He was amazing. Check out his latest project, Ascension, which is on iTunes now.

And I don't like this picture but it's the only one I have right now to memorialize the moment.


Peace everybody.

So glad that I had the chance to rock at SXSW. Hopefully next year I'll get to rock an official showcase. *Sends prayers up*

Overall impressions:

1) People in Austin are very friendly
2) Spider House Cafe and Spider House Ballroom are both DOPE venues for performances. The cafe is super quirky.
3) Austin has food trucks for days!
4) Austin is COLD in March. Should've taken my coat!

Shoutout to CoreyJane for coming up from Houston and hanging out while I was there! I had sooo much fun!! Can't wait to see you again.

The Busboys Show

Here's some footage from the Busboys show. Thanks to the lovely audience member who sent this to me.  

Performance July 11

On July 11th I'll be performing at Busboys and Poets at 5th and K Streets (1025 5th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001).  Please come out if you can.  I would love to see you there! 

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  • Moonlight Revolution: The Mixtape is, in my opinion, one of the most important projects in recent Hip Hop memory and I encourage you to engage it for yourself.” – Brian Sims (HipHopDX)
  • Tarica June, young, fresh and talented DC sista that you are, you have a fan in me.” – Ill Mami (Soulbounce)
  • “Really nice to get some new music from a female emcee that I can actually enjoy.”-DJ Ben Hameen (Please Don’t Stare)
  • Remember when female emcees had place in hip-hop? Remember when people like MC Lyte, Queen Latifah and various others could spit verses to make you think … Meet Tarica June.”-Word On The Streets Magazine


-->I have absolutely no corporate or label backing. I pay for all of my musical efforts (studio time, this website, etc.) out of my own pocket. If you would like to donate to my EP effort, please click the button above. I really appreciate your support!!

-->If you would like to create a partnership please feel free to contact me at: get@taricajune.net

. . . . . ❤ Tarica

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  • Lee Renfrow on ContactI saw your "But Anyway" video a few weeks ago, and down loaded your albums the same day. Thank you for your music. You are a rare talent. As someone who has been a long time fan of Public Enemy and Paris, I wanted to tell you that you are what hip hops is supposed to be. I'm sorry more artist don't have your integrity to the art form. I wish you much success and look forward to hearing more of your work.
  • Rasheen on BioHey Tarica , Love the site and the music and your in DC I'm in Va we got to collab great music great lyrics Rasheen
  • Catlos on Happy V-DayWow this totally made my day!
  • Aleisha (LeiRock) Williams on BioThis is a very cool site! I am very proud of the progess Tarica is making from her music to reading the bio and seeing all that she's done to this website. Keep up the good work! You will always have my support.
  • charline on Ball of Lightsuper Beatiful

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